Workshops for personal and professional development


How did Beauty Imagini developed Personal and Professional Development Workshop?

Although we began training in holistic therapies at the beginning of the second millennium, it was not until 2007/8, after the first completed trainings for therapists in the field of beauty, physio, holistic and spa therapies of Beauty Imagini methodology, that the clients themselves became more aware of the processes that their body goes through. Because they felt clear and usually very strong and profound changes in themselves, questions were arosed:

– How does the therapist understand what their body is saying?
– How does the therapist know what is needed to improve a certain condition and improve the quality of life?
– What is one thing that man can do most in order to prevent and properly understand certain situations of his inner feeling that is always infallible (except that our personal interpretations are often not)?

And so it began: The accelerated pace of life does not leave much time for us to grasp our satisfaction with the quality of our own lives, which involves all segments of the care of a holistic being composed of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.
It implies, above all, a quality diet of our whole being, which is related to the food and drink we bring into our body, but also to the way in which we nourish our mind and our soul. That is why it is essential that we recognize our individual needs, which represent an exclusive quality only for our being.
And again…

I t often happens that we do not recognize this: what is it that we can change in order to experience the whole being with a sense of satisfaction, a fulfillment that must certainly be preceded by the understanding that everything that comes into our lives is good for us and serves precisely to teach us how to embrace our life with essential joy for our own existence.
By going through the process of ‘The Art of Balance’, we are experientially aware of all segments of our whole being and thus better understand certain life situations, recognize the warnings sent to us by our physical body, understand what is prevalent in our environment and come to our own conclusions about whether we want to change something or not.

T hroughout this workshop we learn to react quickly by connecting symbolism in events as well as in the signals sent to us by our bodies, accepting them as the advice of a good friend.
The workshops are interactive for everyone who is in a position to engage in the program through verbal and non-verbal communication, through sound, smell, movement, dance, painting… Therefore, all these natural resources are used in these seminars, which enable the obtained insights to be better integrated to our being, and so the benefits gained through such workshops are felt long after they return to the places we started from and in which nothing is the same anymore.

Since 2007, when the first personal development workshops were organized, more than 2500 people went through the processes of working in groups of 10 to 80 people, through one-day, weekend and seven-day programs that took place in the country and abroad.

Thanks to the unique benefit that has become especially recognizable for business people who are in their most productive age, many companies have opted to include these workshops in their programs that focused primarily on caring for people, but also on training in the field of strategy , sales, communication, team building.

Special benefits were felt by the people in positions of team leaders, HR sector, TOP management, as well as physicians, psychologists, psychotherapists, and later professions (popularly called life coach, NLP coaches, etc.), many of which adopted knowledge included into their workshops and seminars, so it can be safely said that The Art of Balance is a program that has become the basis for a number of personal development workshops that have subsequently emerged.

A special help in the development of this authorized program is the support from the European Entrepreneurship Network in establishing contacts and signing a cooperation agreement with the Iris Center and its owner Dženita Zirdum (journalist and communication expert) from Sarajevo, which led to the opening of a new workshop especially for Companies: The Art of Balancing Public Speaking. This workshop seeks out authentic ways of presenting an individual (workshop participant) who is unique and unique so that he or she can present himself or herself in this way.

Tatjana Jevđović

Workshops were held in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci, Ečka, Fruška Gora, Silver Lake, Niš, Montenegro (Podgorica, Kotor), Macedonia (Ohrid), BiH (Sarajevo, Vlašić, Japod Islands), Austria (Vienna), Greece (Litochoro, sailing: Sporades, Cyclades, Lefkada) …