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Preparations based on natural ingredients for conscious facial and body skin care
Why A L H E M I J A?

Because the time in which we live requires alchemical ways of creating new combinations of the natural and the known, in order to create an ideal formula that survives in completely new conditions.

So far, we have all understood that raising the immune system is our only real protection, and in order to really be able to provide it to ourselves in the right way, it is necessary to recognize which is our formula for maintaining health.
That is why it is ideal to use the functions of our largest organ in the body: the SKIN. Its role is multidimensional – certainly protective, but at the same time, it is both a place of detoxification and a place of intake of many nutrients that will help the body to regenerate and feel healthy. Because of this important function, it is clear how important it is how and what we apply to our skin.


A holistic approach to man tells us that the skin, in addition to the heart and lungs, is supplied with energy from the heart’s energy center.
And how does it actually work?
From the pectoral muscles, the energy channel of the lungs descends over the shoulders to the elbows and ends at the palms of the hands. That strongest energy that comes from the heart is called Love. So: the place we touch directly transmits this pure energy in which there is no question why and what it serves. Therefore, if we touch a painful place or a place where we feel injured, gradual relief will begin in a few seconds. Of course, the healing effect is achieved if the touch is mild and nourishing.

THIS is the way we will apply certain preparations to our body.

What (or what kind of preparation should we apply to the skin of our face and body, so that it has a strengthening and healing effect)?
Through searching, we came across ‘A L H E M I J A’ – a special, magical formulation that simultaneously detoxifies, nourishes, heals and thus establishes a natural balance that helps preserve the immune system of the skin and the whole organism.

Natural ingredients (olive, sunflower, carotene oil, cocoa, shea butter…), represent the purest base full of vitamins A, D, E, K, B6, as well as magnesium and selenium, to which according to a special formulation are added essential oils that have their own special healing properties.

‘A L H E M I J A’ therefore acts as a balm that protects skin cells from oxidative stress and free radicals with natural antioxidants, preventing water loss and premature aging, while smoothing pigmentation and soothing inflammatory processes. The specific composition also points to a unique application that will enable the benefits we received during sunny days to last during the winter ahead.
The ideal way to use A L H E M I J A with specific essential oils (Mirra, Sandalwood, Mint, Neroli, Lavender, Rosemary, Verbena) is:
2x per week Sun Sult (peeling)
1x a day Sun 2
If necessary – for exposed body parts Sun 1
Sun Salt:
After the morning shower, while you are still in the bath: on the dry skin of the face and body, massage the previously well-combined ingredients in the bottle (shake vigorously) and then take a shower. Dry well with a towel.
* After this peeling, there is no need to apply any other preparation, because the skin will be nourished, smooth and hydrated, protected by a fine barrier coating.
Sun 1:
In case of exposure of the skin to sudden temperature changes, apply Sun 1 on the exposed parts of the body
Sun 2:
After the evening shower, apply the preparation on the skin of the face and body (the smell of cocoa butter predominates, which will have a beneficial effect on sleep).
In case of applying the emulsion in the morning, wait about 15 minutes before dressing, so that the skin completely absorbs the preparation.
For ladies:
* Each of these preparations is made in combination with nacre, which gives the skin a specific natural glow
* Preparations can also serve as a natural foundation for makeup
For gentlemen:
* Preparations can also serve as an excellent skin care after shaving (after mandatory disinfection), because they prevent the appearance of irritation