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In Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) Ayu means life (duration of life: a fulfilled and happy life that comes to its end in a completely natural way), and Veda means knowlage (to know). So, Ayurveda which is dating more then 5,000 years ago, the ‘mother’ of all the sciences originating in the East, teaches us that the secret of health lies in knowing how to behave towards one’s body, how to master the skill of controlling all the functions that need to be regulated and moderate in order to achive a happy and productive life.

The whole Ayurvedic system is based on a concept that refers to the three types of energy (the Three doshas) that underlie the psychosomatic existence of man. The three doshas are responsible for regulating balance, energy and matter in our body: when they are in harmony, we cannot notice them and feel good about ourselves.

If imbalance occurs, doshas become visible and changes in physical appearance occur, mucus, bile, unpleasant odors, emotional blockages, sudden outbursts of emotions occur… In modern society it is not easy to maintain an energy balance…

One way to strike a balance in the human body is to apply some of the Ayurvedic massage techniques that allow us to return to ourselves and receive the message our body sends us. This is a good way to face all the changes, stabilize the energy of defense, improve the path of aging, improve health and maintain our psycho-physical well-being.

Since 2009, Ayurveda has been one of the recognized traditional healing techniques by the Serbian Ministry of Health within the SPA & Wellness Program.

* Beauty Imagini Team is trained by Dr Anil Kumar, owner of Healingveda Institute of Kerala (India) and official consultant of BI Center for Ayurveda.

General benefits of Abyangham (body massages):


  • It works against aging, providing energy, vitality and tissue nutrition
  • It breaks down stress by relaxing muscles and relieving tension
  • It relieves muscle and joint pain by balancing Vata and improves tone.
  • Improves vision with the help of foot, stomach, spine, neck and head massages
  • Increases strength and endurance by improving the flow of vital fluids
  • Strengthens and improves skin
  • It speeds up the healing process

Depending on the current state, in agreement with the therapist, a technique is selected to treat the client:

(Ayurvedic head and neck massage)
(shoulder and neck massage)
(thoracic back massage)


These three special Ayurvedic massage techniques are most commonly performed together while the client is seated. This position of the client allows the modified parts of this technique to be applied in the conditions of office massage as it requires a short time (15min) and a chair in the space of 1m2.

Benefits obtained in this short period of time are extremely effective for people who work in a full-day sitting position, in front of a computer, in areas without natural ventilation and light (IT sector, banks, counters, malls, etc.).


  • Immediate relief of stress and tension
  • Stress relief
  • Relief from tension caused by pain in the thoracic region of the spine, shoulders, neck and head
  • Release from upper back muscular blockage
  • Getting rid of the feeling of ‘numbness’
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Better memory
  • Better alertness
  • Better brain circulation
  • Better hair quality
  • Better complexion
  • Presence

Duration of treatment: 15-20 min.
Price: 2.000,00 rsd.

More information:

For group visits, we have provided a special promo package with a 10% discount on the treatment price.