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Gift Voucher

Are you looking for the perfect gift?

• Instant gift card that can be in your email or phone in 60 seconds.

• The perfect gift for your loved ones, family or colleagues.

• Over thirty different packages and treatments are available.

• You can place an order by phone, and you can make a payment through your account.

• At our center you can personally pick up a personalized gift card or we can deliver it to you.

Treat your loved one with spiritual, mental and physical recovery with the help of Integra Life Club gift cards. Whether it is your partner, dear friend, family member or colleague, the best way to show gratitude is to take care of their health.

If you want to be original and let them know that you really want the best for them, then an ILC gift card is the right thing for you.

Because ILC’s mission is to preserve health and prevent disease through treatments (massages, antistress, beauty, spa and wellness programs), different types of exercise, psychotherapy, Ayurvedic programs, as well as antistress workshops.

What is important: You choose the value of the gift card, and those you give card to, themselves can choose what they want from our rich offer.
Also, in our catalog you can look at the whole range of our services and create a special package yourself for those who you wish the best.
Of course, the gift card can be personalized for any business partner or employee, as well as branded with your company logo.

Gift card users will be free to choose when to use their gift within one month from the date of issue.
If you are interested, feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange a voucher pickup.

Gratitude can be shown in many ways, but taking care of one’s health is much more than saying Thank you.