Beauty Imagini Beograd

Beauty Imagini d.o.o is a company specialized in providing services in the fields of beauty, SPA and wellness programs, antistress and detox programs, as well as for individual holistic programs specially created for health care and disease prevention. Since its inception, Beauty Imagini is a 100% women-owned family-owned company.

The founder and owner of the company is Tatjana Jevđović (1963) instructor for SPA and wellness therapists who replaced German studies at the Faculty of Philology with the teaching of holistic sciences. Her stay in Italy in 2000. at the Bioesenthia School of Nutrition, Dorn and Craniosacral Therapeutic Methods training program provided an introduction to holistic authorities in the field of holistic methods.

Since in those years the official institutions in our country were not open to holistic sciences, after her initiation in reiki, she devoted the next six years to acquiring knowledge in the field of Ayurveda, healing, aromas and chromotherapy, which enabled her to become an instructor in Italy in 2006. for SPA & wellness therapists.

Thanks to this approach, together with her daughter, Isidora Jevđović, she has designed programs that include specific massage techniques, exercise systems, diets and themed lectures that are part of holistic prevention programs targeting different target groups (in companies where there is a need to improve interpersonal relationships and increase productivity through motivational training, team billding, family relationships, partnerships, improving student and student concentration …).

That is why she is often invited as a lecturer on holistic approach to health, managerial illness and anti-stress programs: UEPS, Skills (Shneider, Microsoft, Tarket,…), US Still, European Consulting Group, Uniqa Insurance, Oktal Pharm, Falkensteiner, MACE, DHL. SBB, Banca Intesa…

She is also in front of the Association of Business Women of Serbia, of which she is an active member, has held workshops at the FREJA Forum since 2011. in Tirana (Albania) and 2012. in Istanbul (Turkey) with a theme: A Holistic Approach to Health – Stronger Connections between People.

Dedicated work to a human and his wellbeing, in 2013. brought her the Flower of Success for the Dragon Woman and the Special Award for the Improvement of Quality of Life, awarded by the Special Jury at the proposal of the Association of Business Women of Serbia. In 2015, due to her special emphasis on the quality of her professional and personal life, she participated in the production of a documentary in the realization of Sissel with the theme Liedership, which will be included in education in primary, secondary and high schools.

In March 2017, as the founder and owner of Beuaty Imagini Center, she received a special recognition in Dubrovnik from the Awards and Recognition Committee made up of 12 experts from 9 Central and Southeast European countries in the field of economics and marketing – AWARD AND RECOGNITION FOR CONTRIBUTION TO DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRISES IN CENTRAL AND SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE ‘MAKERS FOR THE CENTURY FOR 2016’

Thanks to the joint professional work of mother and daughter, Beauty Imagini has positioned itself as a prominent school that also deals with the education of SPA and wellness therapists and consulting work in the organization of SPA, wellness and beauty programs according to the methodology of Beauty Imagini, approved by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Serbia and abroad.
Beauty Imagini certificates were also obtained by therapists of the Institute for Rehabilitation – Belgrade, Nova Medica – Leskovac, Mona – Zlatibor, Selma – Novi Pazar, Relax – Novi Sad, Beauty Balance – Wien, Austria, Pura Vida Day SPA Porto Montenegro – Tivat, MNE , Iberostar – Becici, MNE, Special Hospital for Metabolic Diseases at Zlatibor ‘Čigota’, and for the last five skiing seasons, the staff of the Beauty Imagini Center runs the SPA Center of the Hotel Gray at Kopaonik.
After participating and being recognized at trade fairs abroad (2008, 2009 and 2010, Cosmoprof, Bologna, It.), in 2010, traditional techniques are introduced for the first time in the fair program at the Belgrade Medical Fair – MEDIDENT, where Beauty Imagini receives the Golden plaque for the best media performance.

The Beauty Imagini Center especially emphasizes the need for collaboration and training with colleagues from our country and abroad (Italy, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Russia, Austria, England, Greece, India) who are engaged in classic and holistic approaches to health, wellness and SPA programs and often organized with educational seminars, holistic weekends and seven-day programs at Serbia and abroad.

Such work has enabled the authoring of an extremely successful personal development program The Art of Balance, which has been ongoing for the last nine years. His success also indicates that in 2014, a four-day program on Ohrid was supported by the European Enterprise Network, and that the prestigious English consulting firm MACE sought this program as team building for its employees.

For the past nine years, seven days of seminars (workshops) have been organized in Greece - onshore and in sailing boats, during the summer season, and a special group of participants who have previously had special preparations have implemented this program in Georgia, the Caucasus.

With the support of the EEN in 2018, the Art of Balance program was expanded to the specialized program Art of Balance and Communication Skills (Art of Public Speaking) in collaboration with the Bosnian company Iris.
In December 2016, Beauty Imagini supported the founding of the Integra Life Club with the aim of forming a membership that will work together to raise awareness of the need to maintain health and prevent disease, as well as to develop a sense of need and help for other people.