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1. Schedule an appointment

Before your first visit, it is necessary to schedule your desired appointment by contacting us through the phone or email of our Center. On this occasion, you can get answers to some of your questions or to resolve any concerns you may have about your first visit. The friendly staff of the Center is at your disposal!

2. Admission to the Center

After selecting and scheduling your desired appointment, the next step is to arrive at the Beauty Imagini Center yourself. At the door of this Belgrade oasis you will be greeted by smiling staff, a specific scent of essential oils and relaxing music. One of our colleagues will comfortably accommodate you and ask you to fill out a Confidential Consultation form, which will help us evaluate your current psychophysical status and provide you with appropriate treatment. Of course, all this with a cup of tea, specially prepared for you …

3. Introduction

After a pleasant reception, you will be introduced to a therapist, who will take you to a room where you will enjoy your treatment. A bathrobe and disposable underwear will be waiting for you inside. The therapist will carefully explain the treatment procedure to you and then give you a few minutes so you can relax and prepare for your treatment.

4. Treatments

During your treatment, the therapist can, at your request, change the pressure, the type of oil or preparation he is using, as well as the type or volume of music (if you prefer silence during your treatment).

Note: Some clients like to talk during a massage and some like to relax in silence and without talking. You act as you feel at the moment, and we will follow you. Our therapists are trained professionals who will take care of your complete atmosphere.

After the treatment is over, your therapist will leave you a few minutes to rest and fully receive the treatment.

Note: If you want to freshen up or take a shower after (or before) treatment, tell your therapist so that the bathroom area can be prepared for you.

We look forward to welcome you in our Center for the first time! If you have any further questions regarding your first arrival, the friendly staff is at your service from 10am to 10pm.