Anticellulite treatments

Before we get into the story of cellulite elimination, it is important that you understand what cellulite really is and how it is produced. Aside from the fact that we all know that it looks awful and we want to eliminate it as soon as possible, what else do we really know about cellulite?
Cellulite is found just below the skin in connective tissue, between cells, blood vessels and lymphatic pathways. The deposits gradually exert pressure on healthy tissue, congesting it and preventing normal and regular metabolism. Cellulite can be very persistent, especially when supported by slow metabolism. The liver, as a key organ for the metabolism of all substances, serves as a filter for toxins. If you help her and make her job easier by eliminating carbonated, artificial juices and incorporating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, she will reciprocate with a healthier organism that will be easier to get rid of “orange peel”.

The most effective method of combating cellulite is anti-cellulite massage. This technique has a beneficial effect on improving circulation and tightening the skin. A good anti-cellulite massage is the most natural way to get rid of accumulated toxins in fat cells, which defines the body, elongates the legs, reduces volume and breaks down accumulated deposits in the subcutaneous tissue, which are also the cause of cellulite.
For cellulite removal, it is not enough to regularly massage the area affected by cellulite, but also to speed up your metabolism so that the accumulated matter is eliminated as soon as possible via the excretory system.

During the anti-cellulite treatment we use techniques and products adapted to your body and lifestyle.
There are usually a series of 10 consecutive treatments, but it is best to consult with our therapist on your first arrival, who will decide on the frequency of repetition of treatments according to your skin type and cellulite. The general recommendation is to start with the first treatment the day after the menstrual cycle, because then we have the lowest concentration of estrogen in the body and the least fluid retention, so the detoxification itself is more successful.

In the case of pronounced veins and capillaries, only drainage movements in Nevercell 1 + 1 or Thermica treatments are used, and cryotherapy (GIO, BRA) or Sport Gel drainage are especially recommended.