Manikir Beograd


Treat your hands with an unforgettable treatment.
A manicure is an aesthetic – hygienic treatment that nourishes the skin of your hands and nails, making your hands look neater and more attractive.
The treatment includes “Flash”, a hand care scrub that contains a blend of essential oils and sea salts. The preparation itself leaves a slight film on the skin, whose prolonged action hydrates dry and cracked skin of the hands, making it soft and radiant.

Additional information
Treatment price: 1,000 rsd
Duration of treatment: 30 min


Our feet carry us through life… We give them love and gratitude in a special way!
A pedicure is an aesthetic and hygienic treatment that involves care of the nails and feet.
This treatment also includes “Flash”, a foot skin peeling, a natural preparation based on sea salts and essential oils, which makes skin delicate and velvety.
Let’s walk in the clouds …

Additional information
Treatment price: 1.800 rsd
Duration of treatment: 45 min

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Aesthetic treatment of hair removal
Waxing is the treatment of removing visible hairs from the surface of the skin. Depending on the strength of the hair and the reaction of the skin to the treatment, beautician will chose cold or warm wax.

Additional information
Treatment price: 350 – 1.500 rsd
Duration of treatment: 15 – 60 min