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by Beauty Imagini

Integra Life Club by Beauty Imagini is a holistic educational center of international character that deals with traditional techniques of holistic massage, antistress and detox programs, facial and body skin treatments, professional education of colleagues who want to work according to the methodology of Beauty Imagini (international massage school), as well as educating all people who want to work for themselves for personal development.

The Beauty Imagini School of Massage is a concept of a wellness program that provides three-stage training for the complete setting and consulting for contemporary spa & wellness and holistic centers, a study for massage and beauty facilities, as well as improving the therapists and expanding the offer within already existing programs.

From 2016 Beauty Imagini d.o.o. is part of the teaching base for spa & wellness programs of Zemun Higher Medical School of Vocational Studies.

The whole concept is holistic massages based on that have a special therapeutic effect through a combination of various manual and aromatherapy techniques that serve to restore energy balance in the body to maintain or improve a person’s health.

The essential meaning of manual therapy is the cleansing of the organism (detoxification), which enables the organism to regenerate quickly, as well as to prevent damage to health due to the stressful lifestyle present in the modern world.

Each massage technique used in our Club has elements that have anti-stress, detox and regenerative effects, thus extending the healthy, productive period of a person.

Facial treatments
are necessary as regular skin care, because skin is the most exposed body organ to external influences, and body treatments will intensify the effects of massage thanks to high-quality body care products, aromatherapy (the action of essential oils), sulfate sea salts, sulfate mud from the Italian spa regions, algae and others active principles that prolong antistress, detox and regenerative action of therapies.

The choice of treatment type will be made according to the condition of the whole organism and in consultation with professional therapists.

Personal Development Seminar The Art of Balance is organized through holistic one-day, weekend or seven-day programs in the country and abroad with multidisciplinary techniques (system of exercises, massages, nutrition, lectures and workshops).

We create them according to the needs of different target groups (family, friends), and especially in companies where there is a need to improve relationships between people and to increase productivity.

Gift Card

Gift Card of Integra Life Club by Beauty Imagini is meant for people you love and appreciate, because you know they will get exactly what they need the most at the moment when they come to have a massage, beauty treatment, body wrap, seminar of personal / professional development or they will choose some of the facial and body skin care products.

Integra reopening 27.04.2020

Our dear ones,
After 45 days of silence, on Monday, April 27, 2020, Integra Life Club by Beauty Imagini will resume its operation, and the scheduled working time from April 27 will be 09-17h.
As prevention is a motive that has guided us for years, the additional protection measures provided for our Center have become part of our daily lives and are intended to preserve the health of our employees and the health of all of you who trust us for decades.

That is why we are sure that you and all of us will respect the measures provided by the general conditions of work in our area, in accordance with the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia regarding the implementation of measures for prevention, prevention of spread and reduction of the risk of Covid-19.


Required employee equipment: mask, gloves and visor if necessary.
Client Responsibilities: Disinfecting footwear at the desobarriers and hand sanitizing at the entrance of the Center.
Maximum number of clients at the same time in the Center: 4.


To all Integra members, the importance of the membership fees paid is extended by 45 days, and everyone who has vouchers with a validity date after March 16, can redeem them by May 27, 2020.

As part of our team is scheduled to be in Sauris di Sopra (Northern Italy) next week with the Art of Balance program, we invite those who wish to participate in the Integra Zoom Room on April 28th at 7pm, submit their details (e.mail address) at
Topic: 'Social Distancing and Soul Connecting', and we expect the inclusion of Fabiane Gorasini directly from Sauris.

Wishing you good health and joy for all the great events in your life, we take the opportunity to thank those who have helped us to provide optimal conditions for continued work, and in particular to the Association of Business Women of Serbia, Eko team d.o.o. (Ljiljana Vukovic Matkovic), Novex (Miroslava Jovanovic) and Exclusive Agency (Jasmina Majstorovic).

We are here for you!

Yours Integra

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