Training for physiotherapists, holistic, SPA & wellness therapists and beauticians

Tatjana Jevđović, Certified Beauty Imagini Trainer (Comp. MMAGI Treviso, Italy, Certified by the Chamber of Commerce of Italy), owner of Beauty Imagini Center, which provides training for physical therapists, traditional massage techniques, as well as face and body treatments which work in a holistic way. For over twenty years, Tatjana has been working and applying a rich and extensive experience of exquisite knowledge at her center in the center of Belgrade. There were numerous trainings and workshops, seminars, holistic weekends or longer trips around Serbia and abroad, during which she shared and exchanged not only her gift but also invaluable knowledge thanks to her comprehensive and all-inclusive approach to each person.

Today, the Beauty Imagini Center organizes schools, seminars and courses of various holistic techniques aimed at improving the quality of daily life. She is always striving for new knowledge and experiences so that she can share more and give to others. A good knowledge of ancient as well as modern massage techniques, both theoretical and practical, is selflessly shared and transmitted to students through carefully designed courses, which has made her one of the favorite lecturers.

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This training program for physiotherapists includes 36 hours: 6 hours of theoretical and 30 hours of practical Globwell massage training.

Globwell massage is a combination of Far Eastern massage techniques with Western lymphatic drainage technique. Compatible, holistic – integrated (lymphatic drainage, energy center work and reflexology), with Beauty Imagini body packs (treatments for detoxification, weight loss, anti-cellulite program, body peeling, skin toning, …) are one of the most commercial techniques available applicable in anti-stress programs of holistic, SPA & wellness, fitness and beauty centers.



  • The concept of energy: principles, energy centers (chakras) (models of awakening and balancing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being – channeling of energy)
  • Holistic approach
  • Elements of massage (atmosphere, comfort, security, freedom …)
  • Fundamentals of human body anatomy
  • Introduction to aromatherapy (prophylactic method, method of maintaining good mental and physical condition of the body, establishing balance by using essential oils)
  • Therapist’s energy purification program.
Globwell masaža



  • Globwell techniques
  • SPA techniques
  • Beauty Imagini body packaging methodology for anti-stress program, detoxification, body remodeling, anti-cellulite program (thermal water based preparations, etc.)
  • M.MAGI face treatments

Training Level II – PINDA SWEDA & AMPUKU

Pinda Sweda is Ayurvedic spice therapy an in cotton bags (pinda), which achieves relaxation and purification, and revives the body and relieves stress. This is an ideal technique for combinations with other massage techniques, as well as with body packs, when doing lymphatic drainage with pindas and thus greatly enhances the detoxification of the body.

Ampuku masaža Beauty Imagini

Ampuku is a Japanese belly massage technique that is done in specific zones to normalize the function of the internal organs and enhance the effect of whole body massage. It can be done as part of face treatment (acne) as well as foot reflexology to achieve the detox effect more quickly.

The training program includes 30 hours: 10 hours theoretical and 20 hours practical massage training: PINDA SWEDA and AMPUKU (abdominal massage)



  • Deepening knowledge of energy centers (chakras)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Establishing a balance in certain conditions
  • Exercises for therapists
  • Deepening knowledge of the combination of preparations in the SPA program



  • PINDA SWEDA (massage technique with hot spices)
  • AMPUKU TECHNIQUE (Japanese abdominal massage technique)
  • SPA TECHNIQUES according to Beauty Imagini methodology and combinations of these massage techniques according to different conditions of clients.

Level III Training – Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is an ancient therapeutic method whose application balances the energy of the whole body through reflexive foot massage. As part of this training, students are introduced to three schools of foot reflexology: Fitzerald, a Russian school and Ayurveda, which allows to notice all the similarities and differences in approaches to certain directions, which are then best used in treatments for unblocking energy channels.

The training includes 30 hours of theoretical and practical instruction.

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Additional information

After the first level, the students are trained to do basic massage technique that can be applied in any massage center, holistic, SPA, wellness, fitness or beauty center that deals with anti-stress program, body remodeling, anti-cellulite programs and holistic health care programs and disease prevention.


After second level of training, the students will gain knowledge of specific massage techniques and will be able to deal with individual therapies for whole body cleansing, especially for abdominal problems. They are also trained in combining previously learned techniques that allow access to more clients, according to their health status.
L evel three provides students with special knowledge in reflexology and ability to balance the whole organism by working on the feet. Also, by completing the knowledge from the previous two levels, individual access to each client is enabled.

The entire training empowers therapists to improve their communication and specific relationship with each client, which is essential when implementing the program in the most professional way.


The brochures we use as part of the training, as well as the CDs with presentation of the material are made in Serbian language and allow you to easily interpret the seminars.


After the seminars are completed, the students take the exam and receive international certificates for Wellness & Spa therapists of the Italiano Institute and formazione estetica e benessere MMAGI (for seminars led by Tatjana Jevđović)

The certificates are bilingual - in Italian and English, approved by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, and recognized in Serbia and worldwide. With this certificate, a physiotherapist, massage therapist or beautician can be employed at Wellness & SPA centers, fitness centers and beauty salons.