Globwell masaža

Globwell body massage

Treatment price: 4.000,00 rsd
Duration of treatment: 60 – 90 min

General well-being is achieved through special treatment, which is a combination of traditional and classical medical knowledge, which is why it is especially intended for modern human.

Thanks to the good energy balance that is established by working on energy centers and channels, it is possible to carry out lymphatic drainage of the whole organism in cases that are otherwise contraindicated for this type of therapy.

It is intended for most clients, regardless of gender and age, and the feeling of relief, alleviation or complete disappearance of the problems caused by improper sitting, poor physical activity, poor nutrition and exposure to stressful situations lingers for a long time thanks to a specially selected combination of essential oils.

The importance of this technique and the possibilities of its implementation in most cases is indicated by the fact that it is studied within the first level of education for SPA and wellness therapists according to the Beauty Imagini Methodology and is the basic part of the offer of the leading holistic centers in the world.