Masaža u paru

Couple massage

Treatment price: 8.000,00 din
Duration of treatment: 60-90 min

Imagine exchanging words and emotions with your partner completely relieved by the pressure of everyday life, physical fatigue and the various expectations that we impose on ourselves.

Life makes a special skill of balancing all obligations and it can be a challenge to juggle all the important things at once. Between work, family, activities and housework, you sometimes neglect the person you love most: your partner.

The holistic approach of our therapists will allow you to neutralize the mind, relax the body and establish a better energy flow in yourself and with your partner. Whether it’s a special occasion such as an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or simply the need to connect with your partner in a more subtle way, a couple massage is the right choice for you.
Couple massage is one valuable experience that brings partners closer together making their time magically fulfilling. Indulge in an experience that reduces stress and relaxes your muscles!

Any massage we have in our offer can be converted into a couple massage.
Do You Need A Therapeutic Massage To Release Your Shoulder Tension?
Maybe your partner likes a warm, healing touch of relax massage. Our therapists are here to help you choose your technique and make this experience enjoyable for you and your partner.