Prenatalna masaža tela

Prenatal massage

Treatment price: 4.000,00 rsd
Duration of treatment: 60 – 90 min

There is no better condition than blessed condition!
Prenatal massage is intended for pregnant women and their specific needs that occur during this magical period.
Some of the challenges that occur during this period are neck and back pain, poor circulation, increased swelling of the legs and arms, cramps, emotional irritation and insomnia.
The main benefits of prenatal massage are reducing the pressure on the pelvis, lower back and feet, as well as reducing pain in the neck and back, hips and legs. Also, after the first massage, progress can be seen in solving the problems caused by swelling of the hands and feet, better lymph flow and improved circulation.
An important part of the work is based on the preparation of the muscles that are important for childbirth, as well as on the preparation of the mental part of women for the role of young mother.
Like any holistic technique, prenatal massage provides comprehensive access to mom and baby.

It is advisable to consult a pregnancy doctor before having a massage. There are generally no obstacles to go for these extremely enjoyable treatments, but in some cases, some restrictions are also given as a doctor’s recommendation. The first prenatal massage can be done after the baby is 18 weeks old.
Prenatal massage is not recommended for pregnant women at risk of delivery and other risks requiring constant monitoring by a gynecologist (blood clots, abdominal pain, preclampsia …).

The massage itself is done with the help of natural vegetable oils that nourish the skin of the expectant mother and have a soothing effect on her entire system and the baby who will enjoy this treatment in its own way.