Reiki Beograd


Reiki (Rei – universal spirit energy; ki – vital energy) is a Japanese technique created by Buddhist Mikao Usui. After a long meditation, fasting and prayer, he found that a certain way of hand placement leads to channeling of energy which leads to calming, relaxation, reduction of stress levels and, ultimately, healing of the person undergoing such treatment.
The Reiki technique enables and accelerates the flow of life energy through the client’s energy system, in the amount needed for the person to achieve psycho-physical balance.
This application of technique leaves the client with a feeling of deep satisfaction, peace and security that fills the whole being.
Channeling and directing Life energy to promote health is traditionally done by hand placement on specific energy zones of a clothed client who is in a lying position.
Such knowledge exists in each of us, and proof of this is our unconscious hands placement on the area in which we feel the pain: whether it be the head, teeth, stomach, heart, injuries etc.

Man subconsciously knows that putting his hands in a painful place, if nothing else, can ease the pain.

The Reiki method has no harmful effects, nor can it be used for negative purposes. It is compatible with all existing healing skills and methods as well as spiritual growth techniques, in addition to improving their performance.

REIKI is a method of traditional medicine, which was legalized and approved by legal act signed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia in 2008.
The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia classified the Reiki method into rehabilitation methods (for health promotion).

Beauty Imagini staff was initiated in Reiki in 2006 by Katarina Prokic, Reiki master from Chile (South America).

Additional information:
Treatment price: 3,000 rsd
Duration of treatment: 60 min