Integra cares for all of you in the age of the Corona virus

Our dear ones,

We believe that you’re healthy and you’ve by now everyone already taken protective measures against Covid_19 recommended by the World Health Organization and our Ministry of Health, as well as to respect the appeals of detention at home, with the minimum necessary flows out.
Our entire team is also healthy and willing to help in ways that are available to those who need it.

In the meantime, we are in contact with many of you, but we would love to hear from all of you who can and want – how are you, whether you need anything, and simply be there for each other.

We wish you all good health, peace of mind and joy in the heart for the Easter holidays, as well as the awareness that we will not continue where we left off, because nothing will be the same again. It is clear that, in everything new, the power of rapid adaptation to whatever the future brings us, the understanding of one another and, of course, the Art of Balance on the restless sea, to which the life of planet Earth is now reminiscent, will help.

Contact us or call us (+38169 2220231), we look forward to hearing from you!
On behalf of the Integra Life Club by Beauty Imagini Team,
Your Tanya

Phone. +38163287219