Art of balance on sailing

Did you think at some point that you were stuck, that suddenly had no answers to the questions asked, and that you are simply tired of completing various requests and tasks?

If not, go ahead to new victories!

If you did, know that there are more of us….

A good way to look at our position, understand our environment, and the limitations we are facing, is to move away from everyday life.

There is no better place than sailboats, where in a confined space, ‘safe’ in the depths of the Ionian Sea, we can practice tolerance, respect for different opinions, empathy, play with our power by examining the Ego and perform joint, strong and rapid action at the right moment. Maneuvers as the winds change direction are reminiscent of the need to concentrate, react at the right moment, and the willingness to bring ‘crew’ safely to their destination.

Some of you may have been sailing, but in this way you certainly didn’t … You get new tasks every day, and all you have to do is get them done in time and in a way that will improve the whole team.

We sail with two boats (6 crew members + 2 instructors + 1 skipper per boat);
Equipment: T-shirts, shorts, swimwear, waterproof jacket, tracksuit (sweatshirt), cap, sneakers and light-soled toe slippers, personal hygiene products, all packed in a soft sports bag;
Musical Instruments – Preferred!

When? 20 – 27/07/2019

Early bird price until 28.02.2019 is 700 €, and payment can be made in several months installments.

The full price of the seminar is 850 €.

Anyone interested can contact us at or 0692220231.

Let’s sail ⛵⚓☀️