Refleksologija stopala


Treatment price: 1.700,00 rsd
Duration of treatment: 30 min

Reflexology + Paraffin feet wrap
Treatment price: 2.000,00 rsd
Duration of treatment: 45 min

Reflexology – Foot massage is one of the oldest massage techniques. A specially refined technique of stimulating certain points on the foot directly affects certain organs throughout the body and acts to relieve or completely eliminate pain, both in the legs and in the organs with which these points correspond.

According to reflexology, the body consists of 14 channels that transmit energy, through nerves, lymph, and blood. If for any reason this flow is interrupted, it is necessary to return with adequate stimulation. Centuries of experience teaches us that massaging of reflex points of the feet can act to unblock energy pathways. In this way we can stimulate internal organs, especially when it comes to pain of certain organs (stomach, lungs, throat …) and when massage of painful places is impossible.

You can learn more about foot reflexology from our therapists.