masaža nogu

Leg massage

Treatment price: 2.100,00 rsd
Duration of treatment: 20-30 minutes

The legs, especially the feet and ankles, are the most stressed part of the body. Carrying our body weight, our feet are constantly under pressure, especially in long standing periods, but also in the interruption of circulation and lymph flow due to long sitting.

Over time, this problem increases and leads to unpleasant consequences such as varicose veins and capillaries, as well as fluid buildup around the knees and ankles. These problems are particularly increased during hot summer days when the feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs is heightened.
Wearing high heels also causes changes in the legs and spine as well as tight and uncomfortable footwear.
Therapeutic foot massage enhances circulation, counteracts spasms, eliminates fluid retention and resolves tired and swollen feet.
Sports foot massage is intended for athletes who are in intensive training to prevent inflammatory processes and prevent them in order to achieve better sports results.