masaza lica

Facial massage

Treatment price: 1.400,00 rsd
Duration of treatment: 20 min

Facial massage, above all, can relieve tension, cramps and stress. At the same time, this technique will visibly improve the appearance as well as the quality of the face skin.

During this massage, the muscle tissue is affected by gentle movements that accelerate circulation, but also remove fatigue and tension, and thus our body becomes stronger and more resilient.
It is known that there are spots on the face and head associated with certain organs in the body and that with proper stimulation and massage of these points can significantly reduce headache, menopause problems, nerve tension, toothache, sinus problems …

Therefore, facial massage can be applied partially or as part of the shoulder and head massage, as well as full body massage.
Facial massage restores muscle tone, slows down the aging process and restores a youthful appearance to the client, and in combination with a suitable oil or care product provides a prolonged effect.