Ampuku massage

Treatment price: 1.200,00 rsd
Duration of treatment: 30 min

With ginger compresses / thermal mud:

Treatment price: 1.500,00 rsd
Duration of treatment: 30 min

An abdominal massage technique developed in Japan (transmitted from China), in which abdominal palpation diagnoses and alleviates (or completely disappears) abdominal problems (colon irritation, swelling, digestive problems, endometriosis, etc.). The essence of this technique lies in the Oriental philosophy that connects mind and body through the energy paths of which is the center of Hara (the center of vital energy).

This is a very useful technique for people with slow metabolic processes (helps with weight loss treatments), as well as for those who cannot “digest” circumstances in which they live (psychological level).

Ginger or thermal mud compresses (blood purification, faster elimination of toxins, strengthening and revitalization of kidney function …) enhance the effects of ampuku technique.