ultrazvucna spatula

Skin treatment with an ultrasonic spatula

Duration 60 minuta
Price 3.100,00

Easy way to a radiant complexion with a painless and pleasant method.

* This method is performed independently or as part of other cosmetic treatments

Can facial cleansing be ‘painless’?

Yes, if you are ready to replace the conventional way of cleansing the skin (comedoexpression) with an ultrasonic spatula. Of course, the recommendation is possible when we finish the consultative examination and find that this treatment is the right choice for your skin.

To whom we recommend to be treated with an ultrasound spatula?

  • To all persons who are sensitive to manual comedoexpression
  • For those who want an immediate visible effect: the skin is more beautiful, poorer and healthier
  • People who regularly care for their skin (as a supplementary procedure, once a week)
  • Those who need safe treatment before important events, photography, shooting (the skin is prepared for makeup that will be fixed for the next 12 hours)
  • To people for whom we prepare the skin for other, more aggressive procedures of skin rejuvenation (blood plasma – PRP, mesotherapy, fillers)


What does the treatment itself look like:

As the skin is prepared for treatment by the usual removal of impurities, we apply thermal water and a thin layer of gel that allows you to lightly press the spatula over your face several times, to exfoliate with this intense vibration (remove a thin layer of surface dead skin cells), and others impurities, sebum and comedones from the pores.

This process also creates a thin layer of ozone, disinfects the skin and prepares for the following procedure: hydration. The appropriate MMAGI ampoule (according to skin type) and the gel we use for this phase based on 2% hyaluronic acid are an excellent preparation for the anti-aging phase, which is preceded by the application of an adequate mask that will prolong the effects achieved with this treatment.

The effects are:

  • Exfoliation (cleansing of the surface layer of the skin)
  • Cleansing comedones and sebum from pores
  • Evening out the complexion
  • Hydration
  • Anti-aging


Effects, time savings and enjoyment.
When cleansing comedones with ultrasound, the skin reacts with a slight redness that disappears in a short time after the treatment and removal of the skin mask.